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What are the hours of customer service?

Is there a Seeplanet Outlet or Storefront?

Do you guys offer wholesale?

Do you have a customer service phone line I can call?


Can I donate directly to Seeplanet?

How much of the proceeds go to Save the Endangered Species?

Products and Services

Returns and Exchanges

I received my order and an item is damaged!

What is your return policy?

I received the wrong item!


Sold Out Items

Can I pre-order an item if it is sold out?

The item I want is sold out. Do you restock?


When I place an item in my cart or wishlist, is it reserved for any period of time?

Discount Codes

Can I use multiple discount codes on the same order?

I used a discount code on a previous order and now it won't work. What should I do?

I forgot to use my discount code, now what?


I have multiple charges on my bank account but I never finalized my order. Why is this?

It says there is an error with my billing address, but it is correct. What's going on?

Will my card be charged when I order?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Shipping & Delivery


Are the packages that you use branded, or do they have a logo on the exterior?

Free Shipping Over $75

When will my order be shipped?

Will I receive a shipping notification?


Will I receive a tracking number?

How can I track my order?

Customs and Taxes

Will I be responsible for the taxes and duties on my international order?