Photo Guide

To assure you get the best results possible, please read this Photo Guide carefully. 

1 - Creation

Our goal is to have YOU as a brand ambassador by having an amazing experience buying from us and having your unique custom products. This way you can share our products with family and friends and that will lead to a bigger exposure of our mission: to help endangered species around the world.

To use our products and services you just need to take a picture with your smartphone, you don't need have a professional setup for that, just follow our guideline below:

  1. Say Cheeeese! Have your buddy as close as possible, sitting or standing up and looking directly at the camera. Our badass designers will create your unique design using the photo itself.

    iamlilbub (@iamlilbub 1.8mil followers)


  2. Head to Shoulders only will be captured in the design to maximize the results.

    Custom Dog Seeplanet

  3. HD and good Lightning are super important as we want to have as many details as possible on your pet. Please capture your photos outside or with good lights.

Seeplanet Custom Pillow

2 - The Process and Shipping 

As we are creating a new design just for you, please allow up to 5 business days for our badass designers to do their job.

As soon as your order is placed, the file uploaded and background color chosen they will take action right away.

When your products are shipped you will receive a tracking number so you can follow your order until it arrives.

Due to the nature of this process and items being custom, there are no refunds (unless there's a mistake on our side), so we will do our best to make sure you love what you get. Please help us out following this guide!

3 - Use them and Share the Love 

Thats the very last step.

Use your products proudly and share them with your friends, family and social media using #seeplanet. Don't be afraid to tag us too! We appreciate that!

By doing this you are helping us grow and raising awareness of the brand and mission. We can do alot alone, but we can do way more together so THANK YOU.

Photo Guide Seeplanet